Sunday, 27 May 2018

Zevachim 44: What Priests Cannot Burn as Sacrifice

Some very basic notes about today's daf:

  • the Torah has taught that kohanim are able to use certain things; those items cannot be burned at the altar.  This includes ever offering, meal-offering, sin-offering, guilt-offering, whatever is given to G-d
  • the Gemara discusses why the Torah added the word kol, every or all, before each type of offering listed
  • we learn that we should include even things that we might have assumed would not be included
  • the Gemara teaches that we also learn about the law that describes when the Torah permitted money that was stolen from a convert to be given to the priests; it is a gift that could be used to give to a woman in betrothal
  • Usually stealing and taking a false oath is punished by bringing a guild-offering  and paying back what was stolen plus one fifth.  If the victim died, the thief would pay the money to the inheritors.  If there were no inheritors, the money was given to the priests. Any other Jew would have some surviving relative who would get the payment, thus this must refer to a convert

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