Sunday, 13 May 2018

Zevachim 30: Two Intentions

Sometimes a person has more than one intent over the course of the act of offering.  This could happen in many ways - one changes one's mind, for example.  Today's daf demonstrates the rabbis' understanding of and discomfort with this 'in between' place.

How do we respond when  a person changes his mind?  Do we honour his first stated intention?  The rabbis run through a number of different offerings and intentions.  Should both intentions be honoured and all commitments met (an animal is sold and the money received is used to buy two different offerings).

In a very Jewish note, we learn that Abaye asks if Raba bar bar Channah cited Rav Yochanan to say that Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Yosi do not argue.  This is debated.  In fact, the argument is what was argued about but not about whether or not we follow the first thing intention that was stated. Toward the end of our daf the rabbis are curious about specific understandings.

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