Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Zevachim 39: Outer and Inner Altar Sprinkling Errors

Some brief points about today's daf:
  • Our Mishna has been discussed for days
  • sin-offerings brought on the outer altar, ex. sin offerings of a nasi, king or ordinary person, one sprinkling is accepted even if 2 or 4 sprinklings are required
  • sin-offerings brought on the inner golden altar, ex. sin offerings of a High Priest or the great Sanhedrin representing the entire congregation, all sprinklings must be done properly or the sacrifice was invalid
  • Today's Gemara looks for proof texts regarding stringencies about the inner altar
  • The rabbis conclude that all instructions must be followed for the high Priest - and thus others who bring offerings to the inter altar - must be exact in his sprinkling
  • The base of the altar may not refer to only the bottom of the altar
  • If a person has an inappropriate thought after the first sprinkling, the offering remains valid

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