Sunday, 6 May 2018

Zevachim 22: The Basin

The rabbis discuss the basin that holds and releases water for ritual washing.  Its water is considered to be pure - but is it pure enough to be shared with water for the mikvah? We know that water for the mikvah can be used for the basin.  The rabbis also consider how the basin is weighted down, with a wheel, and how that would make a sound.  We are told that a basin may have enough water to complete washing for four priests. 

A priest must be ritually pure which includes being circumsized in the flesh. Of course, a priest must be ritually pure in a number of ways.  If a priest has touched a corpse, is the manner of becoming ritually pure again any different?  We are reminded that the second Pesach exists, and in this case the second Pesach is used for priests who were impure during the first Pesach offering.  

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