Friday, 27 July 2018

Zevachim 104: Burning, Disposing of Ashes

Very briefly:

  • we learn about what to do with the ashes of sacrifices that are burned instead of sacrificed and eaten because they were unfit
  • ashes were left in three places surrounding the Temple:
    • a large beit deshen, a place for burning, in the Temple courtyard where the holiest sacrifices and the innards of lesser sacrifices which were unfit were burned
    • a second beit deshen on the Temple Mount where animals were burned when they were supposed to be burned but became disqualified after the sprinkling of blood
    • another beit deshen for sacrifices done properly that had to be burned properly - it was outside of the the inner camp of the Tabernacle, the middle camp of the tribe of Levi and the outer camp of the Israelites, in the desert - in the times of the Temple, this was outside of the walls of Jerusalem
  • The entire Temple may have been known as "Bira", though beit ha-bira was a specific spot on the Temple Mount used for burning

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