Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Zevachim 5: An Offering After the Death of an Owner

We are told that Reish Lakish argues from the floor while lying on his stomach.  The rabbis believe that Reish Lakish was using his "stomach as [his] pillow", as he explained to his daughter in Masechet Gittin.  This practice would be following the guidelines suggested in Masechet Avot: Eat bread dipped in salt, drink water in measure, sleep on the floor, have a life of travail, and toil in Torah.  

The rabbis discuss differences between vow offerings, gift offerings and guilt offerings.  They also consider burnt offerings.  Their comparisons include whether or not offerings are brought after the owner's death. This is one of the factors that distinguishes one type of offering from another.

At the end of today's daf, the rabbis consider whether one person might atone for another after the death of the owner.  They look at a woman who brings an offering after childbirth and then dies; a woman who has committed a number of sexual transgressions who has atoned.  They also consider an owner's children after the owner had died.   

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