Monday, 16 April 2018

Zevachim 3: Offering With Improper Intent

Some of the main points from today's daf include:
  • the rabbis' conversations regarding the specificity within a get, both regarding the names on the get and whether the get explicitly indicates that a wife is free to marry another man
  • the rabbis' conversations about improper intent regarding a sin offering, where it seems to be understood that an offering about something completely unrelated is considered to be with no intent at all. The act of offering without improper intent is compared to the transmission (or not) of ritual impurity when a ceramic vessel holds susceptible items and also a second vessel within.
  • the rabbis' conversations about intent for a different offering or for a different owner, where proofs are offered for the idea that intent for something unrelated is considered to be not improper intent, but intent for something related is considered to be improper intent

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