Friday, 29 June 2018

Zevachim 76: The Proof is in the Spicing

Some brief thoughts about today's daf:

  • Is Rabbi Shimon saying that we can create mixtures of guilt and peace offerings by keeping the stringecies that apply to the guilt offering?  
  • a Mishna (Zeachim 90b) teaches which sacrifices were eaten in the Temple by the priests, prepared in any way they like
  • Rabbi Yishmael says they can use any spices for flavour
  • Rabbi Meir says that tithe spices cannot used because they would be liable to be destroyed
  • As a proof, this quotes Rabbi Shimon and thus is rejected because tithes on spices are rabbinic 
  • most rabbis agree that the only biblical sources for tithes on produce are grain, grape juice and olive oil - no other fruits
  • Some even suggest that other grape and olive products are not obligated in tithes on a biblical level
  • The Rambam disagrees with this ruling and instead rules that all produce stored and used as human food is obligated orayta, from Biblical text

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