Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Zevachim 68: Disqualified Before or After Being in the Temple Courtyard: Ritual Purity in the Throat

Some very brief notes about today's daf:

  • birds are brought as offerings by women who have given birth and in some other cases
  • after telling us a number of examples, we learn a principle from our new Mishna:
  • anything that would render the offering disqualified before it even came to the Temple (an unkosher bird, for example) renders the offering ritually impure when it is in the throat
  • anything that disqualifies the offering while it is in the Temple courtyard does not become ritually impure when it is eaten and it touches the throat
  • Many of these actions are named, like pinching with the wrong hand, or using a knife instead of a thumbnail, etc.
  • Our daf also discusses the special nature of the red heifer

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