Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Avodah Zara 65: Spilling Wine, Absorbing Wine

A very brief set of points on today's daf:
  • Gentiles who are about to convert, Jews who do not observe - who should be permitted to benefit from idolatry?  
  • The rabbis give us examples of proof that a Gentile is not worshipping idols, including statements about serving G-d as the only true king, and circumcision
  • We learn a number of cases where a Gentile is involved in renting, working, hiring, and journeying - each situation offers different reasons for concern 
A new Mishna:
  • if wine created for idolatry falls on grapes, the grapes are rinsed and then permitted
  • if the grapes were broken, they cannot be used
  • all but Rashbam say that if the wine falls on dates or figs, they are only forbidden if the wine leaves a taste
  • clarified: if the wine leaves a good taste, then they are forbidden
  • they are permitted if the wine leaves a bad taste
A thought: How do we know whether or not the wine leaves a taste unless we taste the fruit?  

More points:
  • The Gemara considers an extension of the Mishna with additional details
  • whether or not the food can absorb taste is the issue
  • wheat, for example, is said to always be 'broken', or able to absorb

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