Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Avodah Zara 57: Permitting Touched Wine for Libations, for Drinking

Today's daf is a detailed exploration of who may drink from wine touched by a Gentile and who may use that wine for libations.  For each different category of person, the rabbis consider the possible outcomes.  The people mentioned include Gentiles, Gentile minors (those who do not understand idolatry), Gentile infants (those who have not been exposed to idolatry), Jewish slaves, Jewish maidservants, Gentile slaves, Gentile  maidservants, the sons of Gentile slaves and the sons of Gentile maidservants.  The acts include touching wine intentionally, touching wine unintentionally, touching wine with a hand, touching wine with a foot, touching wine with something else (a robe or a stick).  

Sometimes, the wine is permitted for libations and for drinking.  In other cases, the wine is only permitted for libations.  Rav holds lenient responses and Rav Chuna is more stringent regarding this issues. 

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