Monday, 19 June 2017

Bava Batra 147: Gifts on the Deathbed; Predicting the Weather; Debts on the Deathbed

A very brief review of today's daf:

The Gemara compares the halacha regarding inheritance transferring from sons to daughters and the case where a person gives a gift on his deathbed that must be rescinded when he survives.

We learn about how the Sages predict the weather based on the weather on Festival days.   What difference would it make to know the future weather?  Only the prayers of the High Priest would be affected.  It would assist him to know specifically what to pray for when attempting to help the people ‘receive the weather’ that would be beneficial to their crops.

Regarding a person on his deathbed, the rabbis ask whether a debt can be forgiven.  This will also be used to better understand the reasoning behind the halacha of inheritance.

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