Thursday, 18 June 2015

Nedarim 26: All, Nothing, or Some?

The rabbis continue to debate yesterday's question regarding a father that has been included with all others, erroneously, in a person's vow.  Can a person say that something is konam for him/her from all people except for one's father?  Today, the rabbis delve deeper into that question.  When, if ever, can a person make a vow that is conditional in that way?  

The notions of connection based on similarities (so-and-so is like so-and-so) and precision of speech are discussed as well.  The rabbis wonder what to do if a person states that all onions are konam for him, for they harm his heart - but another person reminds the first person about kuferi onions, which are actually healthy for the heart.  Can the vow be dissolved only in part?  Can the vow be restated in such a way that renders kuferi onions exempt from the vow?

Although I know that I am missing the nuance - and perhaps even the core - of Nedarim, but I am finding this masechet much more 'simple' than the others.  It seems that the dapim are shorter (did I just jinx myself?) and the arguments are easier to follow.  We'll see where this goes.

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